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Privacy policy

1. Who is responsible for data processing?

Grupo de cooperación TEDECO
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
CIF: Q2818015F

Campus de Montegancedo s/n
28660, Boadilla del Monte
Madrid, España

2. What data do we collect?

  • Website's or resource timestamp log
  • Source IP and page from which you access (Referer)
  • Identification of the browser making the request (User Agent)
  • Your room ID, and if you access in expert mode

3. For what purpose do we process your data?

  • To generate statistics on the use of the service
  • To comply with the log preservation regulations
  • To troubleshoot the service.
  • To improve the user experience

4. Recipients of assignments or data transfer

Given the nature of the service, we use the infrastructure, through its API, with the disableThirdPartyRequests configuration option, activated by default. This stops tracking with Google Analytics.

Once you enter the room, you are on its servers, whose privacy policy is

The rest of the libraries are loaded from our server, without using any CDNs or any other third-party servers.

5. Cookies

We have created a cookie to store each of the room's IDs you have accessed from your device. It has two purposes. It shows you the cookies at the beginning, but it does not show you the instructions every time you enter the same room.

All embedded videos have youtube-nocookie, so there is no tracking by third parties until you play the video.

We do not use any additional cookies, neither our own nor from third parties.

Copyright and licenses

The entire website and its contents are published under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE license, the full text of which you can find at:

LICENSE (github)