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How to set up a mobile or tablet for a person without technical knowledge?

The goal is for the person without technical knowledge to connect by video call by simply tapping four buttons.

Heart icon to access the app

Green button to start the call

Red button to hang up the call

State bar's 'Circle' to go to the starting screen

The minimum

1) Create an icon on the home screen, leave it in the middle and hide or eliminate the rest of the icons

How do I do it?

2) Open the app for the first time to allow the use of the camera and microphone

How do I do it?

Other suggestions

Turn up the volume to the maximum

Increase the font size

Delete all unnecessary apps that can be uninstalled.

Hide apps that cannot be uninstalled from the home screen

Turn off notifications from all apps

Turn off screen lock

Disable PIN in security options.

Set power-saving to 10 minutes or more

Turn off automatic updates

The icon should be the only one left on the home screen